Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Knitted Vulva

It is nearly impossible to find a good pattern for a knit yoni and I see lots of people in different craft communities asking for one. I was curious myself so I decided to just wing it without a pattern and write my own and now I have succeeded. I even used a glow in the dark yarn for the clitoris so she's always easy to find!



Since each vagina is unique and unlike any other, this is less of a pattern and more a guideline to get you started! It is better if yours looks different than mine!


- Varying weights and colors of yarn
- Varying sized needles to accompany the varying weights of yarn

Yarns and needles I used:
Labia Majora - Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick (Bulky Weight Yarn) on US 10.5 straights
Labia Minora - Lion Brand Baby Soft (DK weight, but held 2 strands together) on US 8 straights
Clitoris – Bernat Glow in the Dark (Worsted Weight) on US 4 dpns


Gauge is unimportant as this is totally up to you how big or small you want it to be!


Labia Majora and Labia Minora (make 2 using 2 different yarns)

CO 1 st
Start Increases
Row 1: Kfb into st
Row 2 (and all even rows): K
Row 3: k1, m1, k1
Row 5: k1, m1, k1, m1, k1
Row 7: k1, m1, k3, m1, k1
Row 9: k1, m1, k5, m1, k1

Continue this pattern of increasing every second and every second to last st until you get your desired width.

The next few rows: knit all until you get the desired length (allotting extra length for the decreases)

Start Decreases

Row 1: k1, k2tog, k to last three sts , ssk, k1
Row 2 and all even rows: k
Repeat this pattern until you have one st left on the needle, cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing

The Clitoris

(please note that this isn't the most ideal pattern for the clit, and even I have a hard time understanding it, haha, so be creative here, you could make a bobble or make a pom pom instead if this way doesn't work for you)

Using DPNS: C03, distributing stitches evenly between 3 needles
Row 1: kfb of each st
Row 2: k1, kfb (repeat on each needle)
Row 3: k1, kfb, k1 (repeat on each needle)
*feel free to continue this pattern if you want your clitoris any bigger!
Row 4: k1, k2tog, k1 (repeat on each needle)
Row 6: k1, k2tog (repeat on each needle)
Row 7: k2tog leaving 1 st on each needle
Draw remaining stitches together with the excess yarn and pull tight. Tie off.


Using tail of yarn, sew Clitoris onto Labia Minora
Using tail of yarn, sew Labia Minora onto Labia Majora
Fold in half, and using tail of yarn, sew along the bottom of the Labia Majora, about an inch from the folded base.
Weave in ends and enjoy a Pocket Vulva all your own!








Kris said...

Great pattern! If you want to continue the reproductive system, knitty has a womb pattern: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/PATTwomb.html

Anonymous said...

I found your post on LiveJournal and showed it to a friend, and she wants one. You are awesome. Thank you for the pattern!

tash said...

Thanks so much for posting your pattern! I'm working with a friend and the New View Campaign and we're starting a Vulva Knitting Circle to promote genital diversity internationally.
come check out our group on facebook!
(search for Vulva Knitting Circle)

Anonymous said...

thank you! I also wanted to do a vulva knitting circle because of the New View. Now I have a pattern to work from.

Anonymous said...

I knitted this to practice so that I can make some for all my friends including some midwives I know and my mother who loves the idea. I used some eyelash yarn for the labia majora and a microfiber for the inner; dark blue and bright blue with a sunny yellow clit. I am not sure I like a knitted clit and I will make some with a bead or button. I find myself rubbing the clit when I hold it; like a worry stone or lucky penny... its awesome. I will also make one that is a lapel pin for a friend so she can wear it around the office.

eighdrien said...

Hey, I found your blog link in the feminist group on ravelry. That's amazing! I must make one! (or ten.)

Have you heard of the Vagina Monologues? I am in a production at my university this year, and we make vagina crafts to sell at the shows. This is so perfect.

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous!! My daughter is producing the V monos. at her high school. I see this is what I will be knitting for all the party favors!!

Anonymous said...

With the colors used by 12:36 PM Anonymous, dark blue, bright blue, and sunny yellow, this pattern should be cross-posted on the Star Wars group of Ravelry. The next time a Aayla Secura fanboy questions why he would knit or crochet, I'll have an answer.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Emily. I have posted the link to your blog in my newsletter. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/News-from-Contraception-Education.html?soid=1102122234407&aid=sCacZba2wKQ

Unknown said...

Have made my first vulva here and done a little modification for a vagina whilst stitching. Many thanks. Barbara

Mojo said...

You'll be proud to know that the first stitches I ever knitted in my life were making this pattern for the Government Free VJJ project. Most of the patterns available for the project were for uteruses, which would have been way beyond my (non-existent) skill level. But this was simple enough that even a 50-something guy who's never knitted before could manage it -- with a lot of help and guidance from his girlfriend (who's a professional knitter in addition to being the Most Awesome Girlfriend in the Known Universe). She knitted the laba majora and clitoris, I knitted the labia minora and did the sewing/finishing (since that part I knew something about). Photos and notes can be found here: https://picasaweb.google.com/112048604241118143363/GovernmentFreeVJJProject.

There's a certain satisfaction in yarnbombing Congress -- especially a certain senator who shall remain nameless but whose initials are Richard Effing Burr.

The Limber Lemon said...

Mojo, you are badass! Thank you for standing up for the ladies.

The Limber Lemon said...

Mojo, you are a badass1 Thanks for standing up for the ladies.

Unknown said...

I love it! I used your vulva on my blog, I hope you don't mind.


Joanne said...

This is hilarious! You are a scream I am just wondering if anyone would want me to knit them one .... hehe somehow dont think so.