Monday, October 20, 2008

Chunky Cable Loop Neckwarmer


1 skein of bulky or extra bulky yarn

Size 13 or 15 needles


rt = right twist(where two stitches cross each other, as in the smallest cable stitch possible)


CO 16 sts

Row 1: k3, p1, [k2, p2]x3

Row 2: [k2, p2]x3, k1, p3

Row 3: k3, p1, [k2, p2]x3

Row 4: [rt, p2]x3, k1, p3

Row 5: k3, p1, [rt, p2]x3

Repeat rows until desired length ending on row 5


On the final row: BO 13 sts and tie off. Unravel the remaining 3 sts for loops.

Add any buttons or embellishments.

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