Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thick Beret with I-Cord and Bow


1 ball of Lion Brand Thick and Quick Yarn (or alternative super bulky yarn)
Optional second ball of varying color

Size 15 circulars or dpns


CO 40 sts and join in the round.

Rnds 1-2: *k1, p1* rep to end
Rnd 3: *k2, yo, k2tog* rep to end
Rnds 4-5: *k1, p1* rep to end


Rnd 6: *k1, kfb* rep to end
Rnds 7-15: k


Rnd 16: *ssk, k6, k2tog* rep to end
Rnd 17: k
Rnd 18: *ssk, k4, k2tog* rep to end
Rnd 19: k
Rnd 20: *ssk, k2, k2tog* rep to end
Rnd 21: k
Rnd 22 *ssk, k2tog* rep to end
Rnd 23: k
Rnd 24: *k2tog* rep to end


Cut yarn and string tail through remaining sts and weave in the end.

With remaining yarn, make 30 inch i-cord and weave it through the YO holes and tie into a bow.

You may also make the i-cord in an alternate color. Or use ribbon or string or whatever!

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Mandie said...

I love this so much. So cute!